UAV Engines Development
and Manufacturing Centre

We stem from five basic types of our engines, which can be further modified.

Engine remote control starter

Charging current: 45A
Nominal power: 2000W / 6000W
Battery configuration: 12 S
Battery nominal voltage: 43.2V DC

Top four-stroke engine
tailored to your project

We will adapt to your UAV project and work with you to develop an engine that suits your requirements. The possibility of adjustments of the individual parts of the engine is our great advantage. Technical support throughout the development and operation of the power unit is a matter of course.


We mainly focus on the development of four stroke reciprocating air-cooled engines for UAV projects within the engine capacity of 170 ccm with subsequent production. We are equipped with a full SolidWorks technology where we mainly use CAD - CAM, Flowmotion simulations with subsequent transfer into the manufacture on 5-axis CNC machining centres up to a certified dynamometer to 12 kW. Based on customer requirements we will develop, manufacture and test the complete drive unit, including accessories, such as electronics needed to control the engine during the flight.



years of experience

We have many years of experience in the development, manufacturing and use of power units for unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, we are also enthusiasts of model aviation and make two-stroke and four-stroke gasoline engines under the ROTO Engines brand -



With our four-stroke engine your UAV will reach the maximum possible flight time at the lowest fuel consumption. Running four-stroke engine is silent and vibration free.


m a.s.l.

Even at such a height unmanned aerial vehicles can fly with our engines.



We fit engines with alternators of an output of 300 to 2,000 watts.


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