Four-stroke two-cylinder inline petrol internal combustion engine 

ROTO 85 FSi AL is suitable for UAV projects within the range of 4 meters and weight up to 35 kg.

Properties of ROTO 85 FSi AL

Engine capacity80 ccm
Fuel consumption 600-860 g/h
Engine output3,8 HP (3850 Watts)
Engine weightfrom 2995 g
Arrangement of the engineinline two-cylinder
Lubricationpetrol 95 oct. + 2% oil
Speed1200 – 6500 rpm
Speed with alternator3200 – 6500 rpm (limiter)
Ceiling4000 metres above sea level
Fuel systemCarburettor (+Altimeter unit)
Flight modes (lifetime)200+ hours if TBO is kept

Engine ROTO 85 FSi AL can be fitted with:

Cannot be used as a starter.

Alternator 300WAlternator 600W
PMG ( Permanent Magnet Generator)3 phase output
NdFeB magnets
Voltage curve 14V/1000RPM (possibility of rewinding according to client)
Diameter 101mm
Thickness 22mm 25mm
Weight 450g 550g
Out. Power at 3000RPM 300W 430W
Out. Power at 6000RPM 600W 960W
Cooling forced by air flow
Resistance to fuel, oil, water, mechanical stress
Operating temperature -30°C to 120°C

Can be used as a starter.

Can be used as a starter.

In the span of 5-60 volts with a number of outputs and voltage according to customer requirements.


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